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Fishing For Bluefin Tuna

West Coast/ Baja Coast Fishing for Bluefin Tuna

Over the last handful of seasons here in Southern California, we have been blessed with some incredible Bluefin Tuna fishing. It is not uncommon to witness massive foaming schools of 150lb plus Bluefin crashing in every direction. In the waters off of Southern California, hooking and landing a cow tuna is real possibility on any given day during the season. The fishery we have today is arguably some of the best fishing in the last century. Having the proper tools in your arsenal can greatly increase your chances of hooking and landing that one dream fish. We hope that Odyssea Tackle can help you do just that.

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This thing is incredible, awesome build quality and appreciate the extra stinger. Cant wait to kill some tuna! Adam G.


I bought 2 bars last season and Ethan was extremly helpful in using a new type of lure. I had a ton of questions. Added a Daisy Chain to the mix this year. Caught several fish so far. Excellent quality. Customer for life.

Mark Wright

Killed the yellowfin on the natural rattle bar here on the East Coast. Those Rattles are Fire!

VirginiaRegimentFishing- Aaron H.
Poquason, VA

These Bars are made very well. I was shocked when I opened the package. Great Colors as well. Have yet to use them but will surely catch fish.

San Diego

Ive used Odysseas bars for a couple years. We kill it with the Tomato Color. Great service as well. They will repair your bars for the cost of materials.

Todd N.