About Us

Ethan S.


Our passion for fishing is what drives us to construct a product that Is a notch above the rest.  At Odyssea Tackle Company we are fisherman. We grew up working the sportboats in San Diego during the long forgotten Albacore years. We are always thinking about how we can make a product better. What can be improved and how can we catch more fish? From this passion came a desire to construct a locally made product that uses only the best components. We source all components from companies like Jinkai, Aftco, and Sampo. The storage bags are made by a small mom and pop company in the midwest.  We don’t skimp on materials and do things the right way. Losing a trophy fish due to improper swaging or cheap materials is unacceptable. We don’t purchase a pre-constructed product from China as many other companies do. 

Like any small business we depend on loyalty from our customers and we continue to improve every year.  We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our products and if for any reason you are not, we will make the changes necessary to earn and keep your business.

There is nothing that brings more joy to us than receiving a successful fishing report from one of our customers.

 Thank you for supporting a local Southern California small business.

Ethan S.

Odyssea Tackle Co.