Refund Policy

  • If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please let us know so we can fix the problem. We are happy to provide you with a refund or exchange if there is any defect in workmanship with our products. If you are simply unhappy, let us know how we can make it right. 

    Unfortunately we cannot control every aspect of fishing and sometimes things happen.  

    Our crimps are double checked, our hooks are strong, and our attention to detail is second to none.  

    Odyssea Tackle Co. is not responsible for normal wear and tear, misuse of product, product maintenence, or loss of product due to boat traffic, prop cut offs, or break offs.

    Spreader Bars use light weight Titanium and it is flexible. After a few fish it will bend. Dont try to bend it back or it will break. Just like any tackle, these things get beat up by fish. If you land a 100lb fish your bar is likely going to be bent, its just part of the game. We welcome feedback, both positive and negative. This is how we can continue to build a better product. 

    Most of all we are grateful for your support of our small business and look forward to building strong relationships with our friends and family.