West Coast/ Baja Coast Fishing for Bluefin Tuna

Over the last handful of seasons here off Southern California, we have been blessed with some incredible Bluefin Tuna fishing. It is not uncommon to see foaming schools of 150lb plus Bluefin all around your boat. For private boaters, hooking and landing fish over the 200lb and even 300lb mark at the local banks and San Clemente Basin is a possibility on any given day during the summer and fall months. Over the past 100 years there were times when the local fishery would get a taste of these trophies but not to the extent and consistency, we have seen over the last 5+ seasons. Some say these fish have always been around and there are stories of commercial fisherman over the years hooking massive fish at the Cortez Bank only to never see them. With the progression of fishing tackle and improved technique, we now have a good chance of landing these massive fish.

The last several years has been focused on adapting and revising techniques that have been used for decades on the East Coast. With Bluefin often shy and picky, there is nothing more frustrating than pulling up to a massive school of tuna only to have them want nothing to do with anything you throw at them. Utilizing alternative methods has been a learning curve for most captains and novice anglers alike. Some have perfected the art of flying a kite, which has proven to be a deadly tool to hooking giant fish, while others are just learning or do not have the right equipment. One method that has been very productive over the last several decades on the East Coast is the use of the “Tuna Spreader Bar”. The Spreader Bar consists of a small diameter bar anywhere from 18-48 inches in length. Attached to the bar are a several artificial baits that when trolled behind the boat resemble a school of bait. There are many variations out there for different target species and conditions. We have found that the classic straight tracking bar works best here in Southern California. This is an excellent tool to have for all captain both seasoned and beginner. If you there is no wind or you simply don’t want to bother with flying a kite or balloon, there is nothing easier and more effective than dragging a spreader bar.

During the summer months when Bluefin Tuna venture closest to our Southern California coastline, utilizing one of these techniques provides an opportunity for even novice anglers to have a shot at a trophy model. Trolling a Spreader bar or Daisy Chain can be a very effective method and is a “must have” tool in every fisherman’s arsenal. We have taken a classic tried and true method and have done our best to perfect it, using only the highest quality materials and components. We hand assemble everything right here in the U.S.A.